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Excel Report Design

KJK Accounting develops customised advanced spreadsheets for your specific business needs.

Almost all businesses use Excel, however spreadsheets are often developed in house in an Ad-hoc or uncontrolled manner, often the only person who understands it, is the person who develops it.

At KJK Accounting, following extensive excel training and experience, best practice is followed in the design of all spreadsheets:

  • All spreadsheets are built with professional looking features, e.g. an Index sheet to assist with quick navigation to other sheets in the workbook, hyperlinks, business logos added, printer friendly reports etc.
  • All excel files contain a Documentation Sheet (i.e. the purpose of spreadsheet, the change log, named ranges, modification date, sheet names and other key information is documented).
  • A detailed User Guide is included in all excel files. Initial training is also provided on the operation of the spreadsheet.
  • Ease of use – All files are developed with an aim to make it as easy as possible for the end user to operate a spreadsheet and typically files will include features such as Control Sheets, advanced data validation lists (drop down lists), colour coding of cells using conditional formatting and other features to achieve this with additional safeguards built in to try and reduce erroneous data input.
  • Minimum Input – All files are constructed in a manner to eliminate where possible the duplication of data input, thereby maximising your work efficiency and productivity.
  • Protection – All excel files are typically structured so that only cells that users are required to change are available for editing or data input along with protecting the workbook structure itself. In addition, appropriate levels of password protection can be applied depending on the sensitivity and controls required as appropriate.

KJK Accounting can develop a wide range of complex sophisticated spreadsheets with the latest advanced features including Dashboards, pivot tables, data tables, advanced data validation lists, macros etc. If you have a specific file you would like developed either from scratch or updated to a modern, structured design, please contact me and we can discuss in further detail.